Edenton Bay, North Carolina

Belt of Venus. Edenton Bay, North Carolina

We took a trip to Portsmouth, Virginia to clean up the sailboat so we can sail her down to New Bern, North Carolina. On our way up there we stopped at Edenhouse bridge in Chowan County on Edenton Bay to watch the aftermath of the sunset. It was beautiful and seemed to get better as the night sky approached. We got to the boat about 7:30 pm and settled in for the night. The next day we ran around town getting cleaning supplies and a few things for the boat. We visited the Salty Dog in Oceanview to look around. There were two dinghys, and we have been looking for a great deal on one. To our luck there was an Achilles 10ft inflatable dinghy for $175 bucks! We were so excited!! I can’t wait to take it out.

Sunset at the Marina. Nautical Boats, Portsmouth, VA

We spent the whole day on the boat scrubbing and fixing things. Summer Breeze has to be perfect before we go on this long trip! I hope everything goes smoothly and we have a safe trip. It should be fun! We are more than likely leaving the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I will be posting from the boat!