Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge & Nine Inches of Snow

Hampton Roads saw about 9-10 inches of snow. We hardly EVER get that much snow.. If it even snows at all…Anyways Brian and I went four-wheeling of course!! We didn’t want to drive to far in the snow, so we went to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge again. It’s such a beautiful area, I love the trails! The snow was an extra bonus…helping in spotting those smaller birds, we usually overlook.

Best part of snow! Dark-eyed Juncos!

When we woke up…we were so excited to see so much snow on the ground! We just couldn’t wait to take the jeep out to play in the snow! We drove to my dads house and watched the birds at his neighbors feeder. There were SO many! We saw Tuft Titmouse, House Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, Juncos, Chickadees. At that moment, I got my father into birds. He was so excited, talking about what kind of feeder he should get, and asking about bird books and so on… Oh it was awesome! Hope he really gets into it! It’s just an awesome hobby not to mention CHEEP! lol After we left my dads, we drove around Virginia Beach and had Lunch at The Jewish Mother.

Robin Foraging Berries from a Red Cedar Tree
A very cold White-throated Sparrow

After Driving around checking out the pretty white snow in Virginia Beach, We headed to our original destination.

Snowy Sand Dune – Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Egret foraging in a ditch – Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Gray Catbird

I’ve never seen a Brown Thrasher, It was pretty interesting watching  it forage with its beak in the mud! Do you see the mud on it’s beak?

Brown Thrasher with Muddy Beak from foraging

Brown thrasher having a sip of melted snow

Chick-a-dee-dee-dee singing its little heart out

The snow was fun, and we ended up at a snow party with four wheelers and friends! We had a wonderful weekend!


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