Boat Ride on the Intracoastal

Down the Intracoastal Waterway…. Another beautiful day! Sun was shining and the water was like glass…A great day for pictures!


We started our voyage out of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia on Brian’s beautiful boat ‘Rogue Wave’

Inside the Rogue Wave with Capt. Brian

Rogue Wave

“Great Bridge Bridge – Great Bridge Bridge… This is south bound power, waitin on your eleven o’clock opening…” Brian said over his VHF. “Roger Cap’n, You headin’ south?”  Said the guy in the bridge control room. “Yes sir” replied Brian “Well, Take it slow up there – NO wake! There’s divers down there where  a boats gone under” said the guy. So we head up the way to see a boat half under water and people salvaging what they had left. The water was an iridescent color with oil.

Sinking Fishin' Boat

Sinking Fishin' Boat

…we made our way through the locks and three bridge openings…and saw an eagle couple that we thought might have been the ones who passed our bedroom window the other evening!

Bald Eagle Couple

It was like we were in the middle of a neighborhood of Eagles… I’ve never seen as many as I did today. It was SO amazing! I think every time we would look up in a tree, there one was.

Bald Eagle Number 3

Bald Eagle Number 4

Bald Eagle Number 4 again

We saw lots of  juveniles too!

Juvenile Bald Eagle Number 5

Juvenile Bald Eagles Number 6(flying) & 7

Bald Eagle Number 8

Tons and tons of Eagles! There were so many! Some, I didn’t get a picture of because we didn’t slow down enough in time to get a picture! We couldn’t believe it!

Juvenile Eagles Number 7 & 8

We rode down to North Carolina and back and tried to go up near the cabin in North Landing Campground, but the water was just too shallow.  So we stopped and had lunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! The sun was high in the sky and it was about 60 outside! we couldn’t have asked for a better day in winter to go out and take a cruise. While we were eating lunch we noticed the grass was burning…probably a controlled burn. Awesome to watch!

Controlled Burn

Flames burn the invasive growth

Check out the HEAT in that picture! WE went as far as Mile post 35 on the Intracoastal waterway and Saw lots of amazing sights. The water stayed like glass the entire day. We rode past a permanent sunken wreck. Watch out! Might be what will happen to the boat we passed earlier in the day…

Danger! Sunken wreck

Cormorants guard their channel marker

Got my first in flight bird picture today!

Cormorant In Flight

Blue Heron Mile Post 35

This guy is funny! I love how he’s standing on the channel marker, ready for action!

Cormorants hangin' on a log

On our way back we spotted several more Bald Eagles. Some I wasn’t able to catch a picture of..I’m sure they were probably the same ones we saw coming down the waterway.

Bald Eagle Number 9

Bald Eagle Number 10

We had an awesome day on the boat! I am so fortunate to live on the water, let alone have an awesome boyfriend who will take me out in his boat. I hope to see even more Bald Eagles the next time we go out!


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