Winter Weekend Getaway

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

Brian and I got a cabin at North Landing Beach this weekend. It was one of the NICEST campgrounds I’ve ever been to. We enjoyed our stay in an Equipped Cabin on the water.

Cabin At North Landing Beach Campground

Us in the very cozy cabin!

In the morning I woke up early. . .excited to try out my new camera. . .and waited for Brian to get up. I put bird seed out in the front yard of the cabin thinking I might attract some birds to get some pictures. Instead I noticed a great blue heron freezing his feathers off in the water out front.

A Very Chilly Blue Heron (breeding plumage)

We made plans to walk a trail or two and go check out Mackay Wildlife Refuge. First we wanted to look at the rest of the campground. They had very nice sites and a beautiful beach. hey had a pool,  a neat water park looking thing called “Big Squirt”, also I saw a really nice picnic shelter with a fireplace and bathrooms. Really nice! oh and Campsites right on the beach!!  Unfortunately it was frozen. Kind cool though!

North Landing Campground Beach

We decided to have a little fun and stand on the Ice since the water was frozen solid! It was so neat. I’ve never seen anything like it! Here’s Brian…

Brian Standing on the Albemarle Sound

And Yours Truly. . .

Crystal Standing on The Albemarle Sound

We Hopped in the Jeep and headed up the way towards Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge

Alot of the Refuge had closed due to the winter. We spotted a few birds and ducks – like This Belted Kingfisher. . .

Male Belted Kingfisher

He was all over the place! I was very pleased to get his picture. My new camera has been giving me some trouble. Soon I’ll have it figured out!

Male and Female Northern Shovelers

We drove down a Really Neat Road SR615 ‘Marsh Causeway’ and Saw lots of water birds. Not only Shovelers, but Hooded Mergansers, Mallards, Teals, and Tundra Swans everywhere!  They were all Skiddish and would fly away when we pulled the Jeep over, but I managed to get at least one shot of a Few Mallards and a Male & Female Hooded Merganser.

Mallards and Hooded Mergansers

We headed to Pearl’s, a neat little bar on the Currituck sound were you might meet someone you know,  meet a really cool fisherman and or hunter, grab a beer, and have some awesome conversations. Good people, Great View.  When we got back to the cabin campsite we decided to build a fire. We had such an awesome view.

Cabin Campsite View

The sun started to set and I told Brian we needed to drive back to the beach and watch the sun go down. We sat there on the beach freezing our fingers off, but warmed by the thought of the fire back at the cabin ;)

Nature's Goodnight Kiss

And right before the sun went down I saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler In a tree near the cabin. . .

Yellow-rumped Warbler

We sat out by the fire and had some of the wine we got from Moonrise Bay Vineyard where we stopped and had a wine tasting on our way back to the cabin.  We brought back a bottle of “Magnolia Muscadine Wine” It says “Assertive yet elegant; tangy fruit character with accents of apple and citrus followed by a burst of wild grape” I immediately fell in love with the wild grape taste! I eat wild grapes at work and it tastes JUST LIKE IT! YumO!

Sitting by the Campfire

The next morning we decided to head down to Carova, North Carolina for the day and do a little bit of four-wheeling.  We figured we would take the Ferry in Knotts Island to Currituck and then head south from there. The first day I got to the cabin I put bird seed out for the birds… I saw a few through out the first day but this morning when I looked outside, there were tons of tiny birds! I had no Idea what they were, but they were so cute! I later looked into a few pictures of sparrows and I believe it is a ‘Chipping Sparrow’ correct me if I’m wrong. Brian and I like how you can see the corn or seed ‘chipping’ away! ha!

Chipping Sparrow

We made a yummy breakfast sandwich and headed to Knotts Island to get on the Ferry! On the way out I spotted a Killdeer.


we scooted across the water on the ferry, Getting out to watch the seagulls fly sideways and catch fish that got confused in the turned up mud of the ferry. We saw TONS of ice, riding through it on the ferry felt really weird! I also saw some Ruddy Ducks

Ruddy Duck

When we got to the other side, we cruised through a small neighborhood on the sound, looking for a park we had never seen before, but noticed on the GPS. When we found it, we immediately spotted an Eagle! It flew off but it was so amazing to see. When we got to Corolla, North Carolina I saw a TON of Tundra Swans on the Ice of the Currituck sound. Lots of poop too. eww. Look at the one in the right corner and the move it’s doing! lol

Tundra Swans and Canadian Geese


3 thoughts on “Winter Weekend Getaway

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    • Great pictures, so glad you two are enjoying the camping and nature’s beauty. Like your commentary makes every thing come together.

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