New Camera

Nikon coolpix P90 for Christmas

24x opitcal zoom & 12.1 mp

The weekend after I got the camera Brian and I took a trip to Carova Beach to get some shots with the new camera!

Herring Gull with Starfish - 2nd Winter

1st winter Herring Gull with starfish snack and Adult Herring Gull

It was a VERY windy day!

Boat-tailed Grackles fight over Blue Crab claw

Red-throated Loon

There was a hole maritime forest washed out by the nor’ida

Carova Beach, North Carolina

'splish splash' Sanderling having a quick bath

Sanderling Reflection

It was a fun day trying out my new camera! Wasn’t liking the cold wind though. I love Carova Beach though. It’s an amazing place.


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