I have a really bad habit of Searching for birds while riding down the road…Especially when we pass ponds, rivers, or any type of body of water! I usually just shout out “Hey look! (even though I know Brian can’t actually look while driving) It’s a….” and he say’s “Oh! cool! Want me to go back?” Most of the time I say no and I just keep a mental note and look it up when I get home. Well, today when we were riding home from a CB Shop on Military Highway I noticed Hooded Mergansers swimming in the pond on the side of the Highway. I couldn’t believe I had looked for only a second and knew what it was. Well, he asked and I answered with YES! You know…. just to make sure I seen what I actually thought I’d saw.

Two Male & Two Female Mergansers


2 thoughts on “Drive-By!

  1. Such gorgeous birds. I saw a bunch at Bosque del Apache yesterday. They were carrying on and having a great time… puffing up their crests and chasing each other around. Very cool.

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