Day Trippin on Film

Today was a gorgeous fall day! Brian and I decided to take a trip to visit my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle on the Eastern Shore (part of the delmarva). Since our Nikon 8800 decided to crap out a couple of days ago, I’ve been interested in his Nikon N70. It’s a 35mm film camera, and I decided what the hell- I’ll give it a shot! We Visited Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge and also Kiptopeke State Park. Here are some of the shots I got. Keep in mind, I haven’t shot film in over 10 years!

Northern Mocking Bird - Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge

Bottlenose Dolphin - Kiptopeke State Park

Downy Woodpecker - Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge

Sunset over Concrete ships from 1948 - Kiptopeke State Park


One thought on “Day Trippin on Film

  1. Great pictures, I have been bird watching for years and always put suet out for them, in the spring you should put out Niger seed it attracks (SP?) goldfinch.
    Brian’s mommy (LOL)

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