Day Trippin on Film

Today was a gorgeous fall day! Brian and I decided to take a trip to visit my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle on the Eastern Shore (part of the delmarva). Since our Nikon 8800 decided to crap out a couple of days ago, I’ve been interested in his Nikon N70. It’s a 35mm film camera, and I decided what the hell- I’ll give it a shot! We Visited Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge and also Kiptopeke State Park. Here are some of the shots I got. Keep in mind, I haven’t shot film in over 10 years!

Northern Mocking Bird - Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge

Bottlenose Dolphin - Kiptopeke State Park

Downy Woodpecker - Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge

Sunset over Concrete ships from 1948 - Kiptopeke State Park


Our semi-homemade bird feeder!

Brian and I have done a bit of bird watching lately. Usually I’m chasing butterflies and other insects, while he sits in his chair with an adult beverage and enjoys watching. I decided we needed a bird feeder at the condo so we could see what kind of bird friends we get, and have loads of fun trying to figure what the heck they are! We headed up to Home Depot and grabbed a few odds and ends and this is what we got!

This rinky dinky bird feeder is so awesome! It’s perfect for our sorry excuse of a deck and plus we can’t drill holes. Everything we bought ended up costing us around 7 dollars! Heres how you can make your very own!

  • Hook (preferably with a screw-able end) – I bought one that’s rubberized so the chain wouldn’t slip -$0.97
  • Hollow Pole – I used one that came in the packaging for our flat screen. $0.00
  • EZ Fill Suet Basket – $2.79-$3.99
  • Wild Bird Suet Cake – $1.59

This was so easy to make! we drilled a hole for the hook, screwed it in, set the cake up, and took it outside with zip ties (no drill holes!) and we’ve had a few visitors! I can’t seem to get their photos on the feeders because I need to move it.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Visit the NPS website for Cape Hatteras

White Tail Deer
Clearnose Skate
American Oystercatchers
Tundra Swans
Boat-Tailed Grackles
Juvenile Willet
Cannonball Jellyfish